I-Bonds and Inherited IRAs

Hannah Provost |

Timely Considerations

There have been two events recently that deserve your attention.


Both traditional and social media are abuzz with talk of the great interest rates offered from US Treasury I-Bonds.

These are not too good to be true!!

One can purchase these government guaranteed bonds today at an initial interest rate of 9.62%. This rate is adjusted every 6 months.

These bonds must be held for 12 months. If a bond is sold after 12 months but before 5 years, the owner forfeits 3 months' worth of interest.​

We think of this as a great fit for conservative funds (beyond your emergency reserves). They could also be a great “starter” savings account for younger children. Each individual can purchase up to $10,000 in I-Bonds each calendar year. All I-Bonds must be purchased via TreasuryDirect.gov.

Please give us a call if you have questions.

Inherited Individual Retirement Accounts (Beneficiary IRAs)

In February, the IRS published a set of proposed rules that threw into doubt how inherited IRAs are treated under the SECURE Act.

We are still waiting for further clarification, but for now we want you to know that this situation is still unfolding.

If you inherited an IRA in 2020 or later, please send us a note so that we can help you meet your obligations under the law (once the IRS figures out what exactly that means).


A Word on the Markets

We know it’s been unpleasant, bordering on uncomfortable to open statements or check your account balances this year. Although we couldn’t have predicted why the markets would go through tumolt, we’re not surprised that they have - it’s what markets do. This period has only affirmed our belief in the value of careful planning. If you would like to discuss your individual situation, we’ve made it easy to schedule a meeting in person, online, or over the phone.


We hope you’re well and enjoying this beautiful spring. Thank you for your trust in us!


Andy and Hannah