Our normal process is to collect the documents below so that we can get an idea of where things stand today; after that we will have a meeting to discuss your specific goals, concerns, and attitudes towards financial planning and investing.

To help us understand your unique situation, please provide us with the following information. All information is strictly confidential.

____  Most recent federal & state tax returns

____  2 most recent paystubs as well as any other relevant compensation information

____  Current bank balances including checking, savings, CDs, etc

____  Loan statements - mortgage, student loans, auto loans, unsecured loans, etc

____  Retirement account statements (401(k), 403(b), IRA, Deferred Compensation, etc)

____  Statements for any other investment accounts

____  Social security statement (available at www.SSA.gov)

____  Employee benefit handbook

____  Life insurance, disability and long term care policies

____  Expense worksheet - feel free to use your own or request ours

____  Estimates for any large one-time expenses (home improvement, education, etc)

____  Any other information that you believe is relevant to your finances


Don’t worry about anything you’re missing or that doesn’t apply to you, we will cross that bridge when we come to it!