The Weight

Hannah Provost |

Money seems like it should be pretty straightforward - after all, it's expressed in finite numbers. The math we use for financial planning leans heavily on the functions we learn in elementary school - addition, subtraction, multiplication, division... can't be too hard, right?

Financial media (and financial social media) is full of logical arguments. Just plug in the numbers and the answer will be right there! Even our firm's website has a couple dozen calculators you can use to figure out everything from how much you should be saving for college (ouch!) to how much inflation has ravaged a bank account over the years (depressing).

I really worry that the way that money is presented in our society leaves most people feeling inadequate, confused, and exhausted. It's how I felt about money even while I was working at a bank. It's the reason why I decided to pursue a career as a financial advisor.

Does it have to be this way? NO!

The most common feedback we get from new clients after the first meeting is "I feel like a weight has been lifted". What's so amazing about this is that we don't actually make any recommendations during that first meeting - nothing about their financial situation has actually changed. 

So what lifted the weight? We believe it's the shift from defensiveness to empowerment. The fears and anxiety that swim around in our minds lose a lot of power when we speak about them openly. It's a relief to know that, rather than second guessing every choice we made leading up to this moment, we're going to focus on the best use of our time, energy, and resources going forward. 

What weight have you been carrying around? Is it serving you?